👋, I'm Leah.

I like tech, design, and business for good

I tell brand stories through creative marketing, design strategy, and project/product management. Fascinated by people and tech, and human-centered in everything I do.

I'm a Product Marketing Manager @Microsoft, Co-Founder @Now Spoke, and love writing @Medium.

I've previously interned @T-Mobile, @BCW Global, and @Jumpstart, served as ASUWB Student Body President, and built some pretty cool things with friends @Eventplore, @AAPI BeSpoken, and @Gender Vender.

I'm always open to connecting, let's grab coffee and please feel free to send a note here.


I'm 📖 reading Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlie, 🎧 listening to Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman, ▶️ watching Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix, 💭 thinking about spatial design, 💡 learning how to build AR filters, and 📓 having convos about design thinking. ✍️ I express myself through reflection and writing. You can flip through my jumbled thoughts and favorite reads via my journals.


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